Aircraft Interior Products



OEM replacement parts for aircraft passenger and crew seats, galleys, lavatories, coffee makers, ovens, air stairs, and waste systems.


OEM replacement parts for aircraft crew seats.

B/E Aerospace

OEM replacement parts for passenger seat, galleys, and bins.

Flight Line Products

PMA or airline specified plastic replacement parts for all seat and interior manufacturers including food trays, shrouds, end bays, and any type of windows masks and revels. They also recover and repair food tray tables.

Skylock Industries

PMA or airline specified faucets, spigots, ashtray, door knobs, locks, cart retaining latches, bin latches, and door latches.

Air Concepts

PMA replacement parts for passenger and cockpit seats, bins, air ducts, air return grills, mirrors, dust covers, window panes, attaching hardware.


PMA manufacturer of passenger seat replacement parts, armrests, wall panels, shades, seat pockets, dispensers, and waste can doors.

PL Porter

OEM manufacturer of seat locks, hydrolocks, cables, and repair parts.

Ultra Lock

OEM PMA manufacturer of seat locks, hydrolocks, and cables.

ASIL (FAA 145)

PMA manufacturer of seat escutcheons, ashtrays, hinges, side walls, and toilet paper holders.

Adams Rite

OEM manufacturer of cockpit and lavatory door latches, spigots, faucets, galley and lavatory hardware.


OEM manufacturer of jet engine covers from Citation’s to Airbus and Boeing commercial jets.  The number one way to protect and secure your engine from the elements.

Pacific Scientific

(FAA 145)

OEM manufacturer of crew and passenger restraint systems, seat belts, safety equipment, and fire suppression systems.

Cargo System Parts

Lucas OEM manufacturer of cargo system latches, drive systems and pallet systems.
Air Cargo Equipment OEM manufacturer of cargo systems, pallets, containers and drive systems.

Rotable Spare Parts

Airbus, Boeing, Douglas, Fokker, Lockheed

OEM New and Airline Surplus

Avionics  /  Instruments  /  Flight Controls  /  Landing Gear  /  Wheels and Brakes Power Plants  /  Aux. Power Units  /  Thrust Reversers  /  Pumps  /  Actuators Airframe  /  Electrical  /  Control Cables  /  Doors  /  Inflateables  /  Hardware

Other OEM Spares

Norton Radomes

(FAA 145)

OEM manufacturer and overhaul source of Radomes for commercial aircraft, helicopters, business – regional and general aviation aircraft.
Perkins Windows (FAA 145) PMA manufacturer and overhaul source of windshields and cabin windows for commercial, regional and business aircraft.
US Bearings OEM and PMA manufacturer of aircraft rod end bearings, actuating rods, and replacement airframe bearings.
Day Ray OEM manufacturer of lighting ballast and controls systems.

PMA Products

Global Filtration PMA manufacturer of replacement aviation filters for Airbus, Boeing, Douglas, and general aviation aircraft and helicopters. Competing against AC, Purolator, and Champion.
Ameron Global PMA manufacturer of replacement cartridges and regulators for fire extinguishers, oxygen canisters and life vests. Competing against Scott, Walter Kidde, Pacific Scientific, Whittaker, United Fire, Graviner, Puritan Bennett, Cessna, Saab, and Sabre.
Premier Metal of seat and cargo track extrusions. Boeing, Douglas and A.N.D.
Bandy Hinge

Manufacturing aircraft precision hinges for doors, spoilers, ailerons, rudders and flaps, and access panels. Also manufacturing spars, stringers, bellcranks and longerons.

Management of Consignment

Recent Part Outs:

Ex Continental DC9-30    S/N 47563  JT8D-9A

Ex Continental DC10-30  S/N 46553  CF6-50C2